Amazing Flower Garden for my Shooting Pleasure

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

only macro 2 by svarunn.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the woman who lives in the house on the corner of Poinsetta Ave...ok let me I was saying in my first post (For The Love of Outside), I went on a little mini adventure a few weeks ago with my bike and my new camera. I left off that I finished taking pictures of the ocean and was heading back to my car when this beautiful flower at the edge of this amazing yard caught my eye and subsequently my camera lens.

It was then that I noticed the owner of the flower (if anyone can truly own beauty) and I hollered out to her "hello! I love your flowers! Would you mind if I took some more pictures?" Not that I thought she would mind for a second, but I was close to encroaching on her space just to get this shot so I figured it was the polite thing to do. Not only did she not mind, she invited me up the stairs and into the garden to see another beautiful Dahlia...she said "oh you have to come up here and see the color of this one."

Wow! I had never seen a flower of this color, but it was deep in the "thick" of the garden and I had a hard time getting a clear view so this was the best I could do (without hurting myself or some other flowers that is).

This was the next beauty I found. I couldn't resist a number of shots of this one but I think my efforts paid off. The lady was so obliging and actually almost pulled me around to show me another of her prized flowers.

I just loved the entire climbing bunch of these flowers they were so bright white and perky as if they were so happy to feel the sun...

Keeping with the white theme, I am so happy with how this shot came out. It is so great when the beauty of the rose translates almost exactly through the camera and onto the page like this one seems to...

I spent the rest of the afternoon (and probably for the rest of tonight, too) hearing the jingle "there's a yellow rose in Texas I'm going there to see..." Now you too can have the catchy 'lil thing in your head for a while as well. Welcome.
Although I probably took well over 100 pictures just in this lady's yard the examples are some of my favorites and I don't want to get too carried away and bore people to tears. So I will move on.

I made my way so far (about 20 feet across the street) to see a little more of the view and I spotted this amazing GODDESS frolicking on the seemed everywhere I turned that day there were photo opportunities and I wasn't about to miss them... THIS is SoCAL at its best!

Just as I made it back to my car, I realized I was parked right next to this great statue/fountain and I risked looking like a stalker to get a couple of quick just looked so peaceful in their yard...
So that wrapped up my day of fun. I did head on down the coast to Laguna and Dana Point but the traffic was really bad so I just turned the car around and headed home...all in all a wonderful day getting to know my camera a little and bringing many pieces of beauty home with me to share with as many people care to enjoy.

***The top photo was obviously enhanced in Photoshop but it too was from the yard of the Poinsettia lady and I absolutely love love love the results...***


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INDIAN June 20, 2009 at 6:28 AM  

You take wonderful pictures! They're really beautiful...tfs!!!

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